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FAM-CPG, 3'-(5-Fluorescein)-CPG

(2S,4R)-N-(6-(3',6'-dipivaloylfluoresceinyl-5-carboxamido)hexanoylamido)-4-O-(diglycoyl-long chain alkylamino-CPG)-2-(dimethoxytrityloxymethyl)pyrrolidine

1-Dimethoxytrityloxy-3-aza-3-[1-oxo-3-{(di-O-pivaloyl-fluorescein)-5-carboxamido}propyl]heptyl-6-Odiglycoyl- long chain alkylamino-CPG

Catalogue number: 303-48

Diluent: Not Applicable

Coupling: This support should be used in a manner identical to normal protected nucleoside support since it contains the DMT group.

Deprotection: No changes needed from standard method recommended by synthesizer manufacturer.

Storage: Freezer storage, -10 to -30C, dry.

Stability in Solution: Not Applicable

Store labeled oligo in the dark, either dry or in a neutral aqueous media at -20C. Do not store crude fluorescently labeled oligonucleotides in ammonia.

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