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Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent II

Chemical Phosphorylation Reagent (CPR II) contains a DMT group which can be left on the oligonucleotide and used for rapid purification of oligonucleotide 5'-phosphates by the popular DMTr-on technique, which employs disposable RP cartridges or “Trityl-on” RP HPLC purification. The DMTr group is removed with aqueous acid (e.g., 2%TFA in the case of Cartridge Purification) and the remaining linker is then eliminated after brief treatment with aqueous ammonium hydroxide (12 -15% ammonium hydroxide at room temperature for 15 minutes) to yield the 5'-phosphate.


Catalogue number: 103-10

Description: amorphous colorless glass

Storage of dry compound: 1 year at -20ºC

Coupling Conditions: 6 minute coupling time.

Omit the capping step after the addition of this reagent!

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